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Energy-Efficient Metal Buildings for Oil and Gas Industry

If it's an industrial or oilfield building you are looking for, we can help you out.

We have built a variety of oilfield and industrial steel buildings including well head buildings, custom utilidor boxes, pipe insulation and numerous custom metal buildings. Drop us a note below or give us a call 403-328-4427 for more information.

We offer one of the most comprehensive, virtually maintenance-free steel buildings with a high-performance architectural membrane that ensures your oil and gas structures are built to last. 

DA Steel Buildings has a strong reputation for delivering customer-designed and cost-effective solutions. We manufacture oilfield buildings and other steel buildings to the highest standards and are committed to providing top-notch services. 

Reliable Structural Solutions for Energy Companies

Time is critical for most oil and gas construction. DA Steel Buildings can build rapidly to accommodate tight timelines and budgets. We are an ideal choice for energy companies looking for a reliable gas building manufacturer to construct durable structures quickly and efficiently in any weather conditions and within a short time. 

Many project managers, resource operations managers, and procurement specialists have chosen us for their oil and gas building needs. 

We can provide rapid construction because we source materials locally and fabricate them in our facility. We have an efficient in-house team of journeymen welders, draftsmen, metal system building erectors, and certified carpenters. 

So, contact us if you need oil and gas steel buildings to operate on a tight timeline while maintaining reliability. We have got you covered.

Customized Industrial Steel Buildings 

The oil and gas industry can boost productivity while saving money with an optimized layout. The key is to create a flow where people, material handling equipment, and process media move effortlessly. The better a layout caters to these, the smoother the production. 

Therefore, DA Steel Buildings provides customized steel buildings to meet the needs of the oilfield industry. We can build steel buildings of any width, height, and depth and simplify further expansions. Our structures can support overhead or workstation cranes and accommodate pedestrian and vehicular access points. 

Moreover, you can add decorative features to make pre-engineered steel buildings look as welcoming as traditional structures. DA Steel Buildings offers a wide range of design accent features like skylights, trims, wall lights, windows, decorative wall panels, metal roofing panels, oil pipe insulation, and many more to suit your needs. 

We also provide insulated wall or ceiling panels to regulate temperatures inside metal buildings, regardless of external weather conditions. These controlled environments boost employee productivity.

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When you partner with DA Steel Buildings for your oil and gas structures, you choose a team with experience, commitment, and quality in total building planning and manufacturing. 
You can expect quality, flexibility, and personalized experience with us and technology that enables you to see your building before construction begins. 

Get a no-obligation quote for steel building construction for your oil and gas buildings. 

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