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Precision. Punctuality. Professionalism.

Established in 1980, DA Steel Buildings is the premiere metal building manufacturer. We are one of the few companies in Canada that sources local materials, fabricates in our own facility, and constructs with our own crews.  We take extraordinary pride in our ability to oversee the quality of our projects from inception to finished products. We can supply buildings across Canada and the US, and we have the ability to erect buildings across Western Canada. 

Precision, Punctuality, and Professionalism 

Alberta is a large province with a varying climate. Winters are dry, sunny, and cold. Summers are warm and wetter, with destructive hail storms and tornadoes. However, in the Southern part, the Chinook winds, which occur when warm, dry air of Pacific origin moves down the eastern slopes of the Rockies, move the temperature from frigid cold to t-shirt weather within an hour.

It means you will want to ensure that the structures you build suit changing temperatures throughout the year. To ensure that your new building can withstand everything from the heat to the rain and the snow, consider working with DA Steel Buildings, one of Alberta's premier steel building manufacturers.

Established in 1980, we specialize in custom-designing, fabricating, and erecting high-quality steel buildings in various industries throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. For over four decades, we have stayed true to our mission of putting quality first, helping clients build the steel buildings of their dreams.

We have constructed and delivered steel buildings in BC and every area of our province in every season. Moreover, we can supply pre-engineered steel buildings across Canada and the US and have the ability to erect buildings across Western Canada.

Whether you are located in an urban area or a remote area, we have the expertise to deliver your agricultural, commercial, oil and gas, or any other type of steel building.

DA Steel Buildings is proud to offer custom steel buildings as we have complete control over our production process because we do everything in-house. From designing to fabricating, our team works relentlessly to provide you with the best while maintaining the highest quality standards. ​


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DA Steel Buildings Advantage



Reduced Cost

We pre-engineer the materials in-house, making it easier and faster to assemble our buildings, considerably reducing construction time and labour costs. 

Design Customization

Our design experts draft high-quality customized steel building in Lethbridge. With us, you can expand or alter your structure over time, depending on the location.


Peace of Mind

Our steel buildings offer excellent protection against extreme weather and work conditions, as they are built right and tight. You get peace of mind knowing your site will be secure and long-lasting.


Whether it's emergency repairs, ongoing maintenance, or new construction, our dedicated professionals provide the finest industry-leading service.



Adress:  2808 2 Ave N, Lethbridge

       AB, T1H 0C2, Canada

Phone: (403) 328-4427

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